DJ Elephant Power (Nicolas Baudoux) is electronic music producer, composer, turntablist, sound designer and DJ based in Brussels who has made a significant impact with his unique sound and style. He debuted as the duo ‘Scratch Pet Land’ with his brother Laurent (aka Lawrence Le Doux) and released the album “Solo Soli iiii” in 2001. Since his first solo album “No Si, Ni So” released in 2004, he has been always exploring new sounds and beats with ingenious approach and passion for creation. His creative range is represented by mesmerising sounds and infectious beats in blended genres with superb production skills, which already verified by prestigious music award ‘Les Octaves de la Musique’ with his 3rd album “Elepha In Da Flash” in 2011. He has released 5 albums, 7 EPs, 3 singles on labels including Cologne based Sonig and his own record label Elephant Power Records established in 2013. 

As a DJ, his live sets have been renowned for distinctive sound, powerful beats and high energy with his exceptional scratching skills. He has created a unique musical signature within various genres that resonates with audiences. He participated in extended tours with several artists including Mouse On Mars and Ratatat. Elephant Power has played at clubs and festivals worldwide such as Berghain (DE), le Bataclan (FR), Dour Festival (BE), Melkweg (NL), and many more. 

He is managing to carve out an indelible mark on the electronic music world. His 6th album “Blowing From Above” will be released in 2024.