Soda Waves ep

With the four new tracks, the turntablist and producer DJ Elephant Power evokes
and raises colorful dimensions.

He pushes his skills to the next level where kick-drum, percussion muscle, deep
groove and bass flavour are joining forces. Inspired by Belgium cold techno, UK
funky bass and African music tribes, this EP drives his own perspective in a unique

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* Rhythm staircase  “GOOD!

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* Paul Monroe (Meska Music) “thanks”

* Urban Takeover “Great ))”

* NorahX “groovy”

* Miinuetto “nice”

* Laenas Prince “very nice very good !”

* Franky Lala “nice”

* Colin Dale (Abstrakt Dance Records)  “Cool track.”

* vilasmonnappa “Support from Vilas Monnappa”

* Joseph Christopher (Dakota West Recordings / JCs  Recordings) “kool track …”

* K-Zan (U-Man Records / So Deep Radioshow (House Heads Radio))  “nice ep !”

* Sanya Levin  “boom”

* Kwam  “nice”

* tetractismusic.com (Tetractis Music) “very original”

* Calavera & Manya (Taylor Made Recordings) “nice”

* GLB Records (GLB) “Very nice tunes, i wil give it airplay at my playlists and radioshow on Belgium radio”

* Edin Haliti “GREAT RELEASE !”

* Sanya Shelest/No Hopes “thanks”

* Monsta (Music Choice, New York City) “Cool EP”

* Andrea Aliberti “Thanks !!!”

* LesDeuxRadios (Kosmo Radio) “Good tracks. Thanks.”

* Mr. ThruouT (Celestial Recordings, HouseBeat Records) “nice release!!”

* Russell Deeks (iDJ magazine & This Is Why We Dance) “Solid stuff, liking SW itself best”

* Joe Impero “beautiful song, thank you for downloading”

* Emran Badalov (Universe Mainstream) “cool vibes, thanks”

* Maxizulu “thanks”

* Paul Cook (Fnoob Techno Radio, Manchester Club Nights, SANKY SOAPS) “solid ep”

* Luca Beni (Pocket Jack,Cubek,Minar) “thx for the music!”

* Norbert Meszes (Karmaloft, Phunk Traxx, Anybody Music, House Of House, Music Is ) “Cool. Thanks!”


Rising Cloud / Tropic Clap

After recording tribal singers and percussion players somewhere in Africa. The turntablist and producer DJ Elephant Power comes with two new instrumentals styles.

The first track ‘Rising Cloud’ (Bass – House) carries you in a galactic dark night where stars twinkle. The second track ‘Tropic Clap’ (Bass – House) drops you in the middle of african elephants walking through sunlight dust.

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The turntablist and producer DJ Elephant Power is back with two new instrumentals styles. Trembling from the ground and rising up, the vulcano first track ‘Hyper Kick’ (uk/bass style) gives you plainly colorful sounds and deep groove. In tropical island where vampires shouting knocked by giant robots, the second track ‘Rebel Snare’ drops new future techno music skills.

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EPWR005 Future Thunder single / DJ Elephant Power

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Gold Skratch ep_front cover

EPWR004 Sylver Skratchstep ep / Dj Elephant Power

After spending some time in the studio where he was looking for new sounds, rethinking his music and turntable skills. Dj Elephant Power comes with a new EP called: « Sylver Skratch ». In the gate of a new genre, this new electronic music is definitely intense, powerful, warm, deep and ready to hit the dance floor.

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Capture d’écran 2015-05-28 à 17.13.48

EPWR003 Skratchstep Fire ep / Dj Elephant Power

With « Skratchstep Fire ep », the turntablist & producer Dj Elephant Power comes with two heavy weights in the electronic dance music. Like sculpted into rock, the kick, the snare, the scratch, the bass and other sounds are fat and dusty. Recorded at the Elephant Power Studio HQ,  he begins to elevate his own style to the next level.

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EPWR001 Gold Skratch ep / Dj Elephant Power

With Gold Skratch ep, DJ ELEPHANT POWER introduces you to a new genre in electronic music that he calls himself:


With high accuracy and his unique ways, all sounds were created. And then, played ‘skratched’ through the turntables. All was recorded step by step. This result to a new level where futurisitic sounds are smashed with heavy rythmes and bass.

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