At an early age, during the summer holiday, his family had a car crash in the east-south of Belgium. The shock pushed him into a coma. At the hospital some days later, he remembered that it was the spirit of an elephant that brought him back to life.


In 2019, Dj Elephant Power has unveiled brand new music in the form of an album « NIGHT ». An anticipated work that demonstrate a new direction throughout nine tracks.The recording process has started and finished in Brussels. But the inspiration drives him to create music from one Berlin hotel room to another in Barcelona. And finally, find his « peak » outdoor during a night with the Massai in the middle of the savanna in the East Africa.


Nicolas Baudoux is a DJ, Artist and Producer from Brussels. Coming from experimental pop and going into modern-dance oriented music. After his early music activities with his brother called: Scratch Pet Land. He decided to push all his concentration into a new solo project. Quickly, he transformed his place into electronic beats, sounds and scratches platform exploration. .

He released his first album « No Si, Ni So » in 2004 with Sonig Record. For the electronic scene, he presented more than just a surprising and enjoyable debut. The album redefined the job and the self-image of the DJ. DJ Elephant Power is the legitimate succesor to the turntablists who appeared in the middle of the 90s. During the end of this year, he succefully supported Mouse On Mars during their europeen tour.

He released his second album « Scratch The Hulu » in 2007. Concidered like a mixture of free-jazz and new tendancy tracks, this new long player from Dj Elephant Power was well appreciated by the UK magazine and labels.

« ..from the Scratch The Hulu, his second solo album, presents 12 more dislocations of the same highly strung technique, and the superhuman dexterity in evidence suggest an expert at stacking the plate at all-you-can-eat salad bar… »from THE WIRE

« …As the tracks progress things somehow lock into place
as you find yourself nodding along to the strangest of loops and this
is really where the beauty of this work lies.By defying the rigidity of commonplace modern-day computer composition, Dj Elephant Power has succeeded in finding his own groove that packs much more potency than anything else on the market. » from WARP STORE

With his third release « Atlas Anthem » in 2008. DJ Elephant Power definetly push deeper is orientation thru the world of dance music.This crispy production from him backs up the quality you would expect from one of the most prolific cut up DJ’s around. Energetic dirty basslines and complex beats spliced with wacky instrumentation that’s reminiscent of a splattered movie soundtrack in a spicy sauce.

Then in 2010, a new album called « Elepha In Da Flash » brings him the prestigious Belgian prize « Octave de la musique » in category electro. During the end of this year, he succefully supported Ratatat (XL Recording) during their europeen tour.

He started to run his own label called Elephant Power Records in 2011

From 2013 to 2017, Dj Elephant Power has composed seven new Eps. A new style called « Skratchstep » was created (mixture of modern-dance music and turntable skills )

« Gold Skratch » (2013)
« Skratchstep Fire » (2014)
« Sylver Skratch » (2014)
« Rebel Snare / Hyper Kick » (2016)
« Rising Cloud / Tropic Clap » (2016)
« Soda Waves ep » (2017)

From 2015 to 2018, he was invited to produce the music of two dance contemporary pieces « Bronze by Gold » and « Chombotrope » with a german company called Mouvoir.